Dispatch & Service Management  

September 30 - October 2, 2020
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The Dispatch & Service Management Leadership Certification Courses provides advanced dispatch and service concepts, models and ultimately a blueprint for helping MSP professionals manage and lead profitable service teams. Certification and testing ensure participants leave having mastered the working knowledge to perform their jobs to an accelerated standard.

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Dispatch has often been viewed as a throw-away position. As an industry, MSP’s have hired inexperienced or inexpensive individuals to do what they have considered a “good enough” job. We at BMK know that a properly implemented dispatch role can increase productivity, relieve staff stress, thrill clients, and protect margins.

The Dispatch Certification Course is a 1 ½ day course that will prepare YOU to become a PROFESSIONAL Dispatcher. You'll learn ticket management, PSA pro tips, understanding prioritization, deeper knowledge in key performance indicators and how to manage your owner and your relationship with the technical staff.


  • Dispatching Models, Prioritization & Matrices
  • Service Ticket & Ticket Status Standards
  • Time Entry, Review & Approval Processes
  • Metrics & KPIs (i.e., Billable Utilization, Agreement Gross Profit, & Effective Hourly Rates)
  • Agreements with an understanding of what works best!
  • PSA Foundations & Automation Foundations



Certified Dispatchers will exhibit better time-entry quality, less stress on billable staff, perform clarity to their service workload and communicate better with clients. Most of all, your dispatchers will help you achieve an increase in service department gross profit, and agreement gross profit.


  • 92% of participants rated this course as 'very satisfied' with the content presented
  • 82% of participants gave this course an 'excellent rating" for quality of mentorship & guidance
  • 73% gave this course a 'perfect' rating
  • 100% would recommend this class to their colleagues

Dispatch & Service Course December 2019

Course Fee: $600 

Discounts Available When Registering for Both Courses


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As a Service Manager, you aim to improve your customers experience, resolve issues quickly, and ultimately support their business success. But the key to being a successful Service Manager isn’t just excellent technical work. In order to provide better service, you’ll want to optimize your service management delivery model—that is, you should have a hiring & compensation model, service blueprint and KPIs in place for effective and profitable service management.

This 1 ½ day course piggy backs off the Dispatch Certification Course by looking at the way you hire, on-board, manage and compensate your entire service delivery team. Understanding how a profitable service management model fits into your overall IT governance strategy is the first step toward streamlining operations and meeting business goals. 


  • Sales / Service Hand-off, Service / Finance Hand-off
  • Service Department Financials
  • Service Models & Resource Balancing
  • RMM Enhancement & Automation
  • Account Management & Revenue Opportunities
  • Hiring, Job Descriptions & On-Boarding New Hires
  • Compensation Plans & Quarterly Performance Reviews
  • Profitable Agreements & Customer Lifetime Value



  • Ability to better manage in an environment of highly-skilled, technical people.
  • Metrics & financials required to manage service profitability
  • Ability to calculate and construct service-centric P&L that communicates value and performance.
  • Solid ability to allocate resource loads according to proven models.
  • An overall better understanding of what it takes to truly hire, on-board and compensate a service team.

Course Fee: $900

Dispatch AND Service Management Certification Course: $1,300

($200 SAVINGS!)

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I took both the Dispatcher and Service Manager training and walked away not only with a certification but also feeling like I am way better equipped to do my job. The information provided was invaluable and I would highly recommend it to any company that has a Service Manager or Dispatcher or trying to figure out how to add one. Bering McKinley really cares about what they do and it shows in their training. I cannot wait to implement all I learned and make my company the best it can be!

Kathleen F. Med Tech Solutions

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Last week I completed the Certified Dispatcher and Service Manager courses! WOW! Excellent information to help our Help Desk improve our service flow. If you are struggling to implement a Dispatch or Service Manager role in your company these courses are for you. Thanks to the Bering McKinley team for sending us home with useful tools to better manage our service department!

Branden S. Beca Corp


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