Dispatch & Service Management 

12.11.19 - 12.13.19
CompTIA Headquarters, Chicago, IL

Dispatch Leadership Certification Course

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Dispatch has for too long been viewed as a throw-away position.  As an industry, MSP’s have hired the most cost-effective person they can find and look for that person to do a “good enough” job. We at BMK know that a properly implemented dispatch role can increase productivity, relieve staff stress, thrill clients, and protect margins. 

This 1 ½ day course will prepare YOU to become a PROFESSIONAL Dispatcher.  You'll learn ticket management, PSA pro tips, understanding prioritization, deeper knowledge in key performance indicators and how to manage your owner and your relationship with the technical staff.

Projected Course Outcomes: Certified dispatchers will exhibit better time-entry quality, less stress on billable staff, perform clarity to their service workload, and communicate better with clients.  Most of all, your dispatchers will help you achieve an increase in service department gross profit, and agreement gross profit.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Dispatcher Skill Sets & On-Boarding
  • Dispatch Models, Prioritization & Matrices
  • Service Ticket & Ticket Status Standards
  • Time Entry, Review & Approval
  • Metrics & KPIs (i.e., Billable Utilization, Agreement Gross Profit, & Effective Hourly Rates)
  • Understanding Agreements
  • Dispatcher Internal Communications – Owner, Service Manager, Techs, Sales People, Accounting
  • PSA Foundations
  • Automation Foundations

Participants will sit for an exam upon completion of the course, earning a Dispatcher Leadership Certification. More importantly, your team member will become a part of a dispatcher-mentors community, acting as a resource and help for future training.COST: $600

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Service Management Leadership Certification Course

Unless the Service Manager has P & L responsibility for the service department gross profit, you have a very expensive supervisor.  Service Managers should be managing resources and client relationships, not service tickets, and poorly trained Service Managers do not improve the department, they simply babysit the department.

This 1 ½ day course is designed to help both Owners and Service Managers identify their distinctive roles, identify service, sales, and finance hand-off, revenue opportunities, automation know-how, critical KPIs, and staffing best practices to help to dramatically improve operational efficiency. Most importantly, this course will help owners remove themselves from service delivery, and be able to focus on providing vision and support rather than being mired in the daily operations.

Participants will sit for an exam upon completion of the course, earning a Service Leadership Certification.

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This course will cover the following topics:

  • Sales / Service Hand-off
  • Service / Finance Hand-off
  • Service Department Financials
  • Account Management
  • Revenue Opportunities
  • Hiring, Job Descriptions & On-Boarding New Hires
  • Compensation Plans
  • Quarterly Performance Reviews

Cost: $900  l  Register Now

Receive a $200 Discount when you register and attend both courses: Dispatcher & Service Leadership Training & Certification.

The Speakers

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Josh Peterson
Stephanie Headshot 2019
Stephanie Krintz
Application Consultant, BMK
Rose Avila
Application Consultant, BMK
Will Young
Will Young
Application Consultant, BMK


8:30 am
6:00 pm
Dispatcher, Time Entry, Service Ticket & KPI Fundamentals & Best Practices
Day one will be spent taking a deep dive into the fundamentals, best practices, and real-world examples around models, prioritization, ticket standards, and matrices required to perform efficiently in the role. Agreements will be introduced, and a deeper understanding of how they work and their role within your PSA will be discussed.
1:00 pm
6:00 pm
Dispatcher Internal Communication, PSA & Automation with Certification Testing
Day two includes a full review of communication between owners, service managers, techs, salespeople and accounting. Professional Services Automation Foundations and workflow automation are reviewed for consistency in operational delivery. Training will commence with course certification testing.
1:00 pm
6:00 pm
Advanced Leadership for Service Managers
Immediately following the conclusion of the Dispatcher Leadership training, the Service Leadership & Certification course begins. The handoff between sales, service, and finance is clearly defined along with service department financials and foundations.
8:30 am
1:00 pm
Account Management, New Hires, RMM Enhancements and more followed by Certification Testing
Day two of Service Management Leadership packs a punch, by jumping right into better ways to enhance RMM and automation tools to manage and measure the process. Account Management, hiring, and on-boarding, as well as compensation plans and quarterly performance reviews, provide a complete service toolkit to help deliver on profitability. Certification testing will follow and end the training course.

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