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Ask any sales training professional and they will tell you that a common question among key sales training stakeholders is “What ROI can we expect from a sales training program?”

In today’s extremely competitive business environment, being able to identify a customer's need and close deals is critical. Motivating and measuring sales productivity and performance is equally as important. That is why the Bering McKinley Sales Hunter & Sales Management Certification Courses are vital to any sales team's success. We identify proven sales behaviors, activities, and results that influence successful sales behavior because we leverage the proven techniques of only the very best sales hunters and sales managers specific to the MSP industry.

Training ensures your team members sharpen their skills.

Certification ensures your team members have the knowledge and steps to put what they learned into immediate practice. 

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The Sales Professional Certification Course is a 12-hour course that will provide YOU with the advanced sales tools to become a sales PROFESSIONAL for finding new business and closing business.

You will learn insightful sales techniques that are specific to a career sales professional such as prospecting for appointments, effective ways to prioritize opportunities, planning the day and winning the week, managing up, maximizing each meeting, best practices around the order of selling, building your brand, building momentum, what not to do, how to get that next commitment, and backing into the activities you need to hit your personal and professional targets.

This 1 ½ day course proceeds the Sales Manager Certification Course. 


  • How to master sales in the MSP world and in uncertain economic environments
  • How to effectively track your activity and opportunities to your advantage
  • How to have a natural introductory call that lands appointments
  • Making the best use of your time with the prospect
  • How to masterfully help the prospect uncover opportunities for you
  • Identifying the obvious objections and how to avoid them
  • Have a business person to business person conversation around budget
  • Get commitments from prospects every step of the way
  • Own your week and own your time
  • Keep yourself motivated and not get stuck in negative thinking
  • How to best position and sell managed services



Certified Sales Professionals will exhibit a clear understanding their role, proven techniques for setting more appointments weekly, tracking success rations in appointments sets and closing more MSP deals! 

Course Fee: $600 

Discounts Available When Registering for Both Courses


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The Sales Manager Certification Course is a 12-hour course that will provide YOU with the foundational tools to become a PROFESSIONAL Sales Manager. You will learn key information such as hiring specifics, on boarding, planning quotas, calculating commissions, establishing key performance indicators around a proven sales process that keeps your sales team on track and ensures you hit your number. We will also address how to handle under-performing players within the team.

This 1 ½ day course piggy backs onto the Sales Professional Certification Course. 


  • Establish a career path and roles within MSP Sales 
  • Attract the best candidates
  • Conduct amazing interviews with outstanding hires 
  • On-board new hires and set them up for success
  • Establishing quotas
  • Calculating commission
  • Conduct powerful sales meetings with the sales team
  • Establish a culture that values effort and results separately
  • Support and motivate the team
  • Discover impactful team training techniques unique to an MSP
  • Manage the relationship with the Service team and the Accounting team


Participants in the program will gain a clear understanding of the roles of an MSP Sales Manager. As a result of this class, you should make fewer hiring errors, be able to communicate better daily activity expectations, and (as a result), see an increase in sales volume. 

Course Fee: $900

Sales Professional AND Sales Manager Certification Course: $1,300

($200 SAVINGS!)

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